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What is chi/prana to physics?

There is roughly 1.75 -TONS- of barometric pressure going into you as you read this.

How do you feel? by Michael Christiansen

There is a force affecting us all from moment to moment, which most people have not been educated to feel, one that only a few ancient communities within ancient civilisations still attempt to fully integrate into their daily lives. Taoist call it chi, Tibetans call chi the internal winds, rlung.

The compressive force of the gasses surrounding you (1.03kg per cm² of your body, acting on c. 1.7 square metres of skin

= 1.75 tons on average of pressure into you RIGHT NOW), are pushing into the center of your belly from your feet upwards as well as from your head downwards. This spherical force vector shifts through the density layers of your body, ripples, flows through hydraulic and pneumatic channels and spirals in a helix motion through your muscles with each movement and each breath.

The direction of the elastic force movement in the fascia and ligaments are especially affected.

On top of the Himalayas this force is weak, at sea level it is strong, in outer space it is completely absent, underwater it becomes very strong but distorted in our perceptions relative to gravity.

Because it never stops moving and is so complex in its force vectors and dispersions, it is very hard to map within the western scientific model. It feels subtle at first, but becomes clear with training. It is strong and active within any creature with a living central nervous system, and is subject to resonance and harmonics in a very peculiar way once fully integrated into the sensations of the force of gravity. Our central nervous system feels its effects inside and outside our skin and even inside other peoples bodies. We are born into a dense, heavy environment, our brains detune any “noise” in the central nervous system that is deemed distracting, this is why many people are unaware of the constantly churning nature of their physical bodies. On a human scale our skeleton supports the skin and organs which are in turn supported and maintained in equilibrium by the pressures inside and out. On the cell and molecular level the air and water pressure and electrostatic interaction is acting - it may be 'invisible' but its crucial.

Stand or sit still in the relaxed, correct way for long enough with a quiet mind and you will contact feelings of internal motion.

The act of spending time enhancing kinesthetic feeling intensity and accuracy rather than “thinking” about things releases nerve contraction (nerve and brain tissue being the same) and allows the body to expand and open (and contract if over opened).  It lets blood, lymph, synovial, interstitial fluids and digested foods deal with inflammation and tissue damage caused by daily wear and tear (gravitational damage plus subtle chronic barotrauma). Getting rid of poor postural and breathing habits is key, but not easy within prevalent cultural traditions.

Are there personal, societal, and planetary benefits of studying a 4-8000 year old oriental tradition for feeling reality, other than just for health and martial arts, the two common preserves of chi arts? The process of releasing ALL the kinks in one’s hydraulic and pneumatic channels is rightly famous for changing a person who is stuck with destructive physical, social and intellectual habits into a person who flows with the environment and adapts swiftly to environmental and social change. Everything external becomes easy, you and physics become great friends, gravity is very light, you become a process of nature itself, all things become accurately contextualised.

WARNING.The shift of just gravity, to barometric-gravity based perception is VERY dangerous without a tried and tested method to release the blockages in the pressurised system safely, slowly, and smoothly.