In China, not so long ago, men with chi skills regularly fought to the death for the entertainment  of society causing the entire culture to shift towards an appreciation of the reality of chi.

Using energy arts for health, meditation, the supercharging of creative potential is the new game in town, gun ownership and a paid police force having quite recently reduced the societal need for martial arts the world over.

  Anyone prepared to learn the ancient martial route towards nei kung and enlightenment is swimming against a tide of quantitative, time slice, mind/will based behaviour.

Some teachers I know and train inspire great commitment to the material simply by their remarkable skill and how they a interact with life.

These are practitioners I know to be genuinely good at teaching the nei kung in Britain and Europe.

    Teaching styles vary;          

Bruce Frantzis



Bill Ryan




Aaron Green

Brian Cooper 


Jamie Dibdin


Paul Cavelle   


Olaf Rolving

Alkin Emerali

Peter Jenkins



Tibetan Buddhist teacher H.H. the 12th Gangri Karma Rinpoche                   

Genuine meditation master, lineage holder in chi kung tui na healing, 2 tai chi lineages, hsing I , Ba gua, and taoist priest. Mahayana.

Clinical transmission skill.

Chi kung tui na specialist, Unbelievable awareness of the subtleties of chi. Kindness personified. Transmission skill.

Bagua and TCM et al.

A rare gift for sensitivity wrapped in great power, a force of nature.

A tai chi Encyclopedia, who will still teach beginners. An incredible resource.

Martial arts all rounder, specialises in teaching small groups to the highest standard.

Ba gua technician par excellence, thorough and charismatic large group workshop specialist.  

Kung fu innit!

Real world I chuan martial arts practitioner and  first rate teacher.

Thorough nei kung and ba gua training, patient   and systematic.

                     Quite possibly the “crown jewel”                 of the entire Karma Kagyu lineage. ?!?!?!

Lineage master of the Martsang Kagyu who wears a red had with three gold bands, lineage has not taught publicly for 500 years. Fill yer boots!

This hat is visible in the lineage tree of Tangka of the Samye Ling monastery in Scotland as well as the stained glass window at the entrance to Samye Ling but I cannot find any reference anywhere online or get a straight answer from the man himself.

Know any Tibetan scholars who like a challenge? Incredible, authentic and in               the U.K.